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Homeowner’s Guide to Dealing with Melbourne Hard Rubbish Removal

If you own a home in the state capital of Victoria, then it is your responsibility to properly dispose of household waste properly. In connection to that, you will encounter the issue of Melbourne hard rubbish removal, especially when you have plenty of hard waste you need to get rid of.

melbourne hard rubbish removal

What is hard rubbish?

Generally, these are items that are too large to fit in a regular bin. These would include:

– mattresses

– whitegoods (large household appliances like washing machines, dryers, freezers, and dishwashers)

– furniture

– e-waste (electronic goods including computers, televisions, DVD players, etc.)

– other smaller household appliances

– books

– clothing

– DVDs, CDs, videotapes

– garden waste or bundled branches (for some councils)

– other items that cannot be placed in council-provided bins for regular waste or recycling

Who is responsible for hard rubbish removal in Melbourne?

According to the City of Melbourne website, “all residential ratepayers are entitled to one free hard waste collection each year”. It further states that “If you live in a high-rise building with an on-site manager, they will organise a hard waste collection on your behalf.”

While you can rely on your local council to help you collect your hard rubbish, disposing of it properly is your responsibility. Thus, learn about the codes and regulations on how to segregate and dispose of your household rubbish.

There are several cases wherein relying on the yearly hard waste collection isn’t ideal, and it is during these instances when you should consider hiring hard rubbish removal services.

Reasons to hire Melbourne hard rubbish removal professionals

1. You have items that cannot be placed in the hard waste bins provided by the local council

Unlike council-provided bins, hard rubbish removal Melbourne collectors are able to take almost everything that you need to dispose of. This can include carpets, tiles, and laminate flooring. Again, make sure to check with your local regulations and with your hired collectors on which items are accepted as hard waste.

2. You have too much waste that you need to dispose of quickly

Perhaps you just renovated or you just moved in and the former occupants left behind a lot of stuff. You could stuff it in your garage while waiting for the council’s scheduled collection, but what if the rubbish and junk eventually take up the whole space? Then your poor can has to endure staying outdoors and you have to live with a mounting pile of rubbish in your home.

By hiring Melbourne hard rubbish removal specialists, you can clear out your residence as soon as needed. This is especially helpful when you are trying to sell or rent out your property.

3. You live in a building

Residents in medium to high-rise buildings have even more limited space to store their hard waste. What tends to happen is some occupants dump their hard rubbish in the common bin rooms, causing headaches for the other tenants and the owners’ corporations. A recommendation for the body corporate is to organise their own collection day with the help of rubbish removal service providers and inform all the residents of the schedule.

A big advantage of hiring hard waste collectors is they can do the job during more flexible hours. This means you can schedule the pick up at a time that is most convenient for you. If you want to find Melbourne hard rubbish removal experts with years of experience, check out

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