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Fume Cabinets – Saving on Harmful Gas Emissions

Global warming and climate changes badly affected due to emissions are now subjects agitating the entire world community. Perhaps nothing else highlights this fact more than the Paris Agreement under the UN where 195 countries agreed to cut down on emissions. In an enlightening piece, titled Cupboard Love, a dedicated newsletter, ‘Laboratory News’ has underscored how a laboratory in the University of Glasgow, UK has managed to reduce their energy usage by 270MWh which translated into a whopping £34,000 or AUD56,000 in energy costs! The fume cupboards do have a huge role to play in this direction and if you have requirements for fume cabinets Melbourne shops sell, locate the right source and place the order.

Protecting You and the Environment

The primary purpose behind installing fume cabinets in Melbourne or anywhere else is to safely collect and dispose of any harmful gas emissions that can emerge in environments where different chemicals are used. The typical place could be a chemical laboratory, academic and industrial where a lot of experiments are regularly done with chemicals. Some of these chemical reactions could generate fumes and again, some of these gases and vapours can be harmful if inhaled. The fume cupboards or cabinets take care of this. As mentioned in the beginning, there is enough evidence to suggest that these fume cabinets help save on emissions.

Sturdily Built with Full Functionality

The makers of Melbourne fume cabinets spare no efforts at making them strong and long lasting and in different sizes to suit the varying applications they are used for. The material of construction of the main body is usually fire resistant plastic, either uPVC or fire retardant polypropylene (FRP). This applies to the base and the doors as well. Though these fume cabinets Melbourne shops sell are bought and used by professional bodies, with sufficient knowledge of their purpose and operation, the manufacturers ensure that the cabinets are easy to operate and the controls fitted are convenient to monitor and change, particularly in times of emergencies.

Some Features Stand Out

The customers look for a few features in the best fume cabinets in Melbourne. These include the ability to suck the offending air from inside the laboratory and from around the operators working inside. The cabinets are expected to have an alarm system if the airflow level goes below a certain threshold, since they can then lose their efficiency. This is particularly true of the ducted cabinets. Besides, in the case of any fire also there should be an automatic alarm and shut off of the air to prevent the fire from spreading. Visit at Pioneer Plastics

Installation and Service

The manufacturers of fume cabinets Melbourne shops sell normally undertake the installation of the equipment also according to the needs of their customers. There can be a pre-installation inspection to study the premises and send the installation team with the required hardware and tools to complete the fixing and commissioning of the fume cabinet. The air connections have to be provided and the controls and indicators fully explained to the personnel at the customer’s end to enable them to handle the operation.

Laboratories need to have a good fume cabinet installed to prevent any harmful chemical vapours being allowed to linger around their premises. The fume cabinet extracts the foul vapours and exhausts them in the right ​way. More info at


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